Who we are

On March 7-8, 2008, cognitive and imaging neuroscientists from the Americas held a workshop in Havana, Cuba, to launch the Latin American Brain Mapping Network (LABMAN), currently an official Chapter of the International Organization for Human Brain Mapping established (OHBM) in 1993.

In general, neuroscience and neuroimaging research in Latin America is hindered by a lack of critical mass within any single country. The LABMAN initiative is intended to formalize disparate collaborative threads into a Latin American network through the training of students and postdocs, exchange of software, data, personnel, and ideas through a coordinated network, both organizational and electronic. By organizing these communities at a supra-national level, LABMAN seeks to nurture brain mapping research at the national level, acting as a catalyst for national programs. Since its creation, the community has grown steadily fast, but the Latin American region still has challenges to realize its full potential in human neuroscience. We are inviting research groups and individuals in Latin America not represented currently to join LABMAN.

Current LABMAN Board

Gonzalo Rojas Costa (Chair)

Clínica las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

M.Sc. Jorge Iglesias Fuster (Secretary)

Centro de Neurociencias de Cuba, Cuba

Dr. Fernando Barrios (Treasurer)

UNAM, Mexico

Past Chairs

Pedro Antonio Valdes-Sosa (Chair 2008-2011)

Cuban Neuroscience Center, Havana, Cuba.

Edson Amaro Jr (Chair 2012-2015)

University of São Paulo/Hospital Albert Einstein, São Paulo, Brazil

Valeria Della-Maggiore (Chair 2016-2017)

IFIBIO Houssay, Department of Physiology, School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires.

Maria Antonieta Bobes (Chair 2017-2018)

Centro de Neurociencias de Cuba, Cuba.