Agenda of the LABMAN Meeting in the context of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping.

The fore coming LABMAN meeting is organized in a critical international scenario. Research teams across our region are pooling efforts to move forward and generate ground-breaking research in brain mapping and neuroscience. This becomes a gigantic trial in face off the lack of awareness of regional funding agencies and decision makers about the growing potential of Latin American labs. Our meeting seeks to continue promoting this high-quality research and visibility not only in our region, but across the rest of the scientific community.

The proposed agenda is as follows:

  1. Report about the previous work.
  2. Discussion about the special letter from Prof. Pedro Valdes-Sosa: About Brain Mapping Research with Economically Disadvantaged Countries. Letter to the Scientific Community from the General Assembly of the Latin American Brain Mapping Network (LABMAN).
  3. Election of the LABMAN’s representative for the Communications Committee.
  4. Election of the LABMAN’s representative for the Diversity & Gender Task Force.
  5. Discussion about the next LABMAN meeting:
    1. Place for the meeting.
    2. Official language.
    3. Selection of a Program Committee representing LABMAN in order to coordinate and approve both the program and associated courses, including the scholarship offer and processing.
  6. Request for candidates to the Direction board (including the designation of the Elections’ Committee).
  7. Future perspectives and core lines of work.

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