EEG-fMRI Training by LABMAN & Brain Support

This course will provide complete introduction to EEG-fMRI, presenting the advantages and safety requirements to combine both techniques. Participants will acquire and analyze real data during hands-on sessions. The course will discuss future perspectives to analyse and integrate EEG and fMRI data.

  • Participants are invited to bring their Windows notebook for EEG data analysis
  • Matlab and SPM (or FSL – Unix) are also welcome for fMRI data analysis

Find more information in this PDF.

Subscription fee: $20.000 CLP / $30 USD

Memory mechanisms in humans: from physiology to behavior and computational models

10-17 December 2016, Obergurgl, Austria.

Through extensive interactions with leaders in the field, this school will provide a comprehensive overview of both the basic and the latest knowledge about memory functions and their underlying mechanisms in humans. The school is aimed at PhD students and postdocs, preferably working on memory or with a strong interest in this area. FENS offers 4 stipends (covering the registration fee) for candidates from disadvantaged countries.