First Cuba-China-Canada Human Brain Mapping and Neuroinformatics Meeting

The Cuban Center of Neuroscience held the first Cuba-China-Canadaccc Human Brain Mapping and Neuroinformatics Meeting (CCC) on February 13th and 14th. The aim of this event was to consolidate colaborations among the three countries allies in the first scientific and medical study line of the brain. Also, it was made an announcement of the Project CCC that will be launched by the science funding agencies of the three countries. The meeting had the presence of Maryse Lassonde, director of the Quebec Research Fund and president of the Canada Real Academy; Xiuping Liu, director of the Latin American region at the Chinese National Foundation of Science. During the meeting some agreements previously signed between several Cuban, Canadian and Chinese institutions were manifested and there were some technical discussions around brain mapping topics and its applications.


The Chinese delegation was integrated by Xiuping Liu, Dezhog Yao, Pedro Valdés Sosa and María L. Bringas Vega.

The Canadian delegation was integrated by Maryse Lassonde, Alan Evans, Yasser Iturria-Medina, Simon Duchesne and Anne Gallagher.

The Cuban delegation was integrated by Mitchell Valdés Sosa, Evelio Gozalez Dalmau, Lidica Galan Garcia, Iris Rodriguez Gil, Eduardo Aubert Vazquez, Eduardo Martinez Montes, Jorge Iglesias Fuster, Maria Antonieta Bobes and Vivian Reigosa Crespo.

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