OHBM 2017 Call For Council Nominations

Why is strong leadership so important? Does it really matter if an association has strong leaders? Yes, both history and experience suggest that leadership IS very important to the success of an association. Strong leadership is essential to setting and accomplishing OHBM’s strategic goals and in anticipating future needs. The OHBM Nominating Committee will continue to work diligently to develop a slate of candidates for election on the Executive Council, but we need your participation now in identifying leadership candidates.

The Nominating Committee is pleased to invite current OHBM members to nominate individuals to serve on the OHBM Executive Council. Open positions include Chair-Elect, Secretary-Elect, Treasurer-Elect, Program Chair-Elect and Education Chair-Elect. The term of service begins in June 2017, and each term is for three years. Please make your nominations by completing the Call for Nominations form no later than Wednesday, January 11 th at 11:59 PM US CST . Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged.

OHBM is seeking individuals with proven scientific leadership expertise, strategic thinking and planning skills, strong problem solving skills, results oriented, visionary, strong ethics, have a global perspective and are available to participate and commit time. A knowledge of OHBM activities and consistent attendance at the Annual Meeting is desired. The Council is committed to supporting a diverse membership and strongly encoourages nominations from women, minorities, and members of other underrepresented groups.

The OHBM By-Laws , Article 5 provides the framework and process for the election of new Council members.

OHBM Nominating Committee:
Tor Wager, Secretary
Christian Grefkes, Secretary-Elect
Tonya White, Past Secretary
Alan Evans, Chair
Bernard Mazoyer, Chair-Elect
Karl Zilles, Past Chair

You must, when making your nominations, specify a position you want the person to fill (Chair Elect, Treasurer Elect, Secretary Elect, Program Chair Elect, Education Chair-Elect). Please check with this person before you make the nomination to be sure they would be interested in serving.

Once the final slate is prepared and distributed, members will be able to see a brief bio on each candidate and vote online via the OHBM website. The results of these elections will be announced during the Town Hall Meeting, Wednesday, June 29, 2017, during the OHBM Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada. All candidates identified on the ballot will be informed of the results prior to the Annual Meeting.

Councilors are not eligible for re-election for any council position for three years after serving one term. Individuals who are currently ineligible as nominees due to service on Council within the past 3 years are listed below. Current 2016-2017 OHBM Council.

Not Eligible Until 2019/2020

* Karen Berman, 2015-2016 Chair
* Jeannette Mumford, 2015-2016 Treasurer
* Doug Greve, 2015-2016 Secretary
* Jack Van Horn, 2015-2016 Program Chair
* Niko Kriegeskorte, 2015-2016 Education Chair

Not Eligible Until 2018/2019

* Steve Smith, 2014-2015 Chair
* Jia-Hong Gao, 2014-2015 Treasurer
* Simon Eickhoff, 2014-2015 Secretary
* Pedro Valdes Sosa, 2014-2015 Program Chair

We look forward to your involvement in the identification and election of your association’s leadership. Please contact the OHBM Executive Office at info@humanbrainmapping.org with any questions.