Cal for 8 fully-funded PhD positions NOW OPEN @ CIMeC, UNITrento (Italy)

We are pleased to announce the opening of a call for 8 fellowships for our international PhD Program in Cognitive and Brain Sciences (CIMeC), commencing November 2017 at the University of Trento, Italy. As you will see from the links below, the PhD call is open to several fields of cognitive neuroscience research. Interested candidates should feel free to contact the PIs that might have topics of interest to them.

PhD areas outline: _
PhD Application summary: _
PhD Application link: _
PhD Application deadline: *Tuesday May 16, 2017, at 4pm *(Italian time)
CIMeC: _

This year’s research topics proposed by the Doctoral Program Committee for 5 UNITN grants are visible here: <>, while the 3 topic-specific grants’ details can be found here: <>

The CIMeC, it’s doctoral program and UNITN in numbers:

* CIMeC ranked 1st in Italy for Quality of Research 2011-2014
* 2017 UNITrento ranks among top Italian Universities in THE – Times
Higher Education <>
* 4-yr program (Nov. 1, 2017- Oct. 31, 2021).
* Why a 4-yr program
* Courses are given in English
* 8 positions, 100% funded
* Salary: starting at €1.010/mo., net
* Winners receive a €2800 tax-free research/mobility budget
* Winners are eligible for a €130/month residential contribution
* Why choose UNITRENTO

Please feel free to browse the FAQ pages on our website <> for further information, or contact the Head of the Programme, Prof. Francesco Pavani <>.

2nd LABMAN Meeting in pictures

The 2nd Meeting of the Latin American Brain Mapping Network was held on March 16-17 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) with the aim of bringing together scientists and students from diverse areas in order to help the consolidation of the brain mapping research community in Latin America.

Here is a summary of the meeting in pictures:

labman_1labman_3 labman_2 labman_5 labman_6 labman_8 labman_9labman_13 labman_15 labman_22 labman_18 labman_27 labman_28 labman_29labman_45labman_50 labman_58 labman_62labman_63 labman_68 labman_70 labman_71labman_72 labman_77 labman_79 labman_84labman_85 labman_88 labman_89 labman_99labman_107 labman_109 labman_111 labman_113labman_116 labman_118 labman_126 labman_127labman_133 labman_140 labman_149 labman_150labman_153 labman_161 labman_163 labman_165labman_166 labman_168 labman_169 labman_152labman_174 labman_178 labman_181 labman_199labman_202 labman_215 labman_217 labman_223labman_225 labman_226 labman_227 labman_224labman_232 labman_233 labman_237 labman_243labman_247 labman_249 labman_252 labman_253labman_259 labman_258 labman_257 labman_256

Sleep and Cognition Advanced Course in Siena, Tuscany (Italy)

July 8 – 15, 2017 in Siena, Italy.

This Advanced Course will cut across multiple fields of sleep studies and will address important emerging areas. Emphasis will be placed on cutting-edge methods and hypotheses for understanding sleep and its effects on cognitive functions, and on how neurophysiological/genetic/imaging approaches can shed light on the functions of sleep and its essential role in maintaining and preserving vigilance, performance, learning and memory. It will be an interactive, multidisciplinary forum in which participants will discard outdated notions, gain an appreciation for the latest thinking, and develop insights that will help navigate the complexity of sleep research.