Centered Kernel Alignment Enhancing Neural Network Pretraining for MRI-Based Dementia Diagnosis

This article was published by the Signal Processing and Recognition Group (Universidad Nacional de Colombia). The study addresses an automated dementia diagnosis by introducing a novel supervised pretraining approach that takes advantage of the artificial neural network for complex classification tasks. The performed linear embedding allows accounting for features that contribute the most to the […]


Tactile stimulation during sleep alters slow oscillation and spindle densities but not motor skill

A paper was recently published by a group of LabCrono UFPR Brazil. The study features a novel tactile stimulation during sleep. It was shown that this technique did not impact on the offline gains in motor skill, but altered slow oscillations and spindle densities. Alterations in electrophysiology parameters didn’t translate into behavioral changes. Paper available […]


Collaborative Grants

First Cuba-China-Canada Human Brain Mapping and Neuroinformatics Meeting

The Cuban Center of Neuroscience held the first Cuba-China-Canada Human Brain Mapping and Neuroinformatics Meeting (CCC) on February 13th and 14th. The aim of this event was to consolidate colaborations among the three countries allies in the first scientific and medical study line of the brain. Also, it was made an announcement of the Project […]


Visual Image Interpretation in Humans and Machines: Grant Sandpit (UK)

July 17–July 19. University of Birmingham, UK. Applications are now being sought for the ViiHM Grant Sandpit to be held this July at the University of Birmingham, UK. Please note that, in contrast to previous events, places will be restricted to principal investigators only. Furthermore, delegates must attend all three days. The meeting will take the […]


Collaborative Grant among LABMAN members: “Modulating Activity Within and Between Default Mode and Dorsal Attention Networks Through Neurofeedback”

PVE 2014 (grant number: 401143/2014-7) Collaborators:Paulo Sérgio Boggio, Director of the Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Óscar Gonçalves, Director of the Neuropsychophysiology Lab, Univeristy of Minho


Collaborative Grant among LABMAN members: “A Quebec-Latin America joint investigation of the neural networks underlying human learning and memory at 3T and 7T MRI”

Collaborative Award (QBIN, Quebec) PIs: Jorge Armony (QBIN), McGill University, Canada & Valeria Della-Maggiore (LABMAN), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Participants: Pedro Valdes-Sosa, Neuroscience Center, Cuba, Edson Amaro USP  & Einsten Hospital, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Julien Doyon, U. of Montreal, Canada.


Collaborative Grant among LABMAN members: “Modulating activity within and between default mode and dorsal attention networks through neurofeedback”. 

Given by CNPq (BRAZIL) PIs:  Paulo Sérgio Boggio – Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, Brazil Participants: Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves Gonçalves – Universidade do Minho, Portugal; Edson Amaro Jr – University of São Paulo, Brazil


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