Post-doc position (3 years) in the study of human melanopsin function @ University of Pennsylvania (USA)

We are seeking a post-doctoral fellow for a joint research program in the laboratories of Geoffrey Aguirre ( ) and David Brainard ( ) at the University of Pennsylvania. This extramurally-funded program of research examines the functional properties of the photopigment melanopsin in humans, using psychophysics, pupillometry, and functional MRI. A particular goal is to understand the perceptual correlates of selective melanopsin stimulation alone and in interaction with the cones, and to determine if melanopsin stimulation contributes to the sensation of photophobia in clinical disorders.

If interested, please send a CV and contact information for at least 2 references to Geoffrey Aguirre ( ) and David Brainard ( ). Please include [Melanopsin_PostDoc] in the subject line.

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