Postdoctoral Position on MEG @ BCBL (San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain)

The Basque Center on Cognition Brain and Language (San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain) offers a Postdoctoral position in Cognitive Neuroscience. The main project will focus on the oscillatory correlates of predictive processing with a special focus on neural entrainment phenomena. The successful candidate will be working within the research lines of the Proactive group whose main aim is to develop high-risk/high gain projects at the frontiers of neurocognitive science. The project is based upon a set of MEG experiments that will be designed to unveil the neural mechanism supporting predictive coding and predictive timing across sensory modalities and cognitive domains. The long-term goal is to evaluate the role that such predictive skills play for developmental disorders (such as dyslexia or SLI).

To submit your application please follow this link:

Application deadline: January 31st, 2017.

For information about the position, please contact Nicola Molinaro ( ).


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