Research Assistant Position available in Vision/Attention/Cognitive Science @ Visual Attention Lab, Harvard University (USA)

This position is in the lab of Jeremy Wolfe. We conduct psychophysical/behavioral research primarily in the area of visual attention. How do you find what you are looking for in a world full of things you are not looking for? How do radiologists find a tumor in an x-ray? How do their eyes move when they are searching? How can we keep track of several things at the same time? Healthy young adults are the experimental observers for most experiments. Medical image perception, especially with radiologists as observers, is an increasingly large aspect of work in the lab.

The position involves all stages of the research process, from planning experiments and preparing documents for the human subject review board to helping write up results for publication; but the main focus is data collection and analysis.

If interested, please send an email to Jeremy Wolfe (jwolfe@partners.or)

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