Rita Levi Montalcini Programme for the Recruitment of Young Researchers @ University of Trento (Italy)

The programme (budget: 5.000.000 Euro) aims at funding 24 temporary research positions for the realization of a research project at the selected Host Institution.

Eligibility requirements: applicants should be scholars (of any nationality) who
– have been awarded their doctoral Degree, or equivalent, after 31/10/2010 and by 31/10/2013;
– at the date of the application submission, have been permanently and continuously employed abroad for at least three years in teaching or research activities in qualified universities or research institutions (an interruption of 6 months is allowed) .

Online submission at https://loginmiur.cineca.it/
The call allows young researchers to list up to five preferred Host Institutions without requiring any prior commitment by them; however, selected applicants enrollment will have to be approved through the commitment of the university department/centre at the Host Institution to provide adequate resources and to support the project and following the resolution of the Senato Accademico . It is strongly reccomended, prior to submission, to consider contacting the reference research groups at the University of Trento.
For further information on proposals submission for the University of Trento, as Host institution, please write to research.support@unitn.it


For information about Rita Levi Montalcini programme for the recruitment of young researchers  РCall 2016, please see: http://cervelli.cineca.it/ProgGiovRic/dm191216_992_english_version.pdf

Application deadline: March 15, 2017.

Programme home page: http://cervelli.cineca.it/

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